Selected Work

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Run the Mile You're In--Whether Racing or Navigating Life


Women's Running
August 2017


Why Her Running Shoes Are Her Daughter's Favorite Color

Women's Running
July 2016


She Runs: Liz Dooley


She decided to create a race in honor of her daughter--whether her daughter survived or not. 

Runner's World
October 2015


How One Man Ran a Boston Qualifier on a Broken Foot

Competitor Running
October 2017


How Runners Can Work on Landing Softly

Competitor Running
June 2016


Pinpoint Therapy: How Acupuncture Can Benefit Runners

Competitor Running
February 2017

HURT 100 - AK47 - Race -131.jpg

Pro Tips For Bouncing Back From a Disappointing Race

Competitor Running
April 2016

Lifestyle and Wellness

For the Love of Cherries
The Gorge Magazine, Summer 2017 (p. 26 - 27)

Made from Scratch
Food allergies spurred Teresa Langen to create a gluten-free bakery
The Gorge Magazine, Summer 2017 (p. 72 - 74)

The Long Ride
Three Gorge residents find solace--and a lot of other things--in long-distance bicycle touring
The Gorge Magazine, Spring 2017 (p. 42 - 47)

It's All in the Juice
Winter is a perfect time to reap the health benefits of juicing
The Gorge Magazine, Winter 2016 (p. 64 - 66)

Meet You at the Barre
The Gorge Magazine, Spring 2016 (p. 72 - 74)